Callaloo Box Simple Lentils

This weekend was very busy as we launched a new product in the Callaloo Box Grocery. The CHIEF Doubles Bara Mix - be sure to check it out before they're all gone :) You can shop for it here.

Since I was short on time I decided to make a quick meal of lentils with stewed chicken. Lentils to me are one of the easiest legumes to make as they have a flavor of their own so you don't need to 'over-season' them. The method below is what my mom showed me. Hope I did it justice lol!

Start by adding rinsed lentils to water & add garlic and black pepper. I usually boil this on medium heat for about 20 mins.

callaloo box simple lentil peas recipe garlic black pepper

You can adjust the amount of garlic or black pepper to your taste. I prefer to use freshly ground pepper as it's more flavorful.

After about 20 mins, it's time to add your seasonings. This is what I used:

  • Pumpkin
  • Thyme
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Hot Pepper
  • Pimento Sauce
  • CHIEF Cook Up Seasoning
  • Trinidad Tomato Ketchup (I like using this as it's sweeter than the ketchup in the States. If I don't have at hand, I don't put any)

 Callaloo Box simple lentils recipe all seasonings

Callaloo Box simple lentils recipe karibbean flavours ketchup


I then stir everything together until the pumpkin is nice and soft, add salt to taste and that's it! The easiest meal ever!

Callaloo Box simple lentils recipe

I served this with Jasmine rice, stewed chicken and side salad.



Ingredients available in the Callaloo Box Grocery

Bertie's Pimento Sauce

CHIEF Cook Up Seasoning

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