It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Callaloo Box! And we're very excited! Christmas has always been one of our favorites times of the year.

Some of our best childhood memories are from Christmas in Trinidad. From our mom cleaning and "putting away" the house from top to bottom and the smell of her home made bread in the oven on Christmas Eve night to our Dad with the Christmas ham preparations to our Aunty and Mom making pastelles together while we helped (translation drying the fig leaves) to our Granny excitedly hanging the curtains (complete with frills) that she'd make for our bedroom every year to our grampa strumming his bango and the sound of his voice singing parang, these are memories that we will cherish forever. 

We look forward to sharing and reliving all the memories and feelings of home, family and togetherness that Christmas is about

Malika & Jamila


Christmas in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean is one of the most festive times of the year, with food at the center of the festivities. From the traditional black cake to sorrel to pastelles, this box will give you a taste of a true Caribbean Christmas.

Black Cake

A moist, decadent cake whose key ingredients are dried fruits (prunes, currants, raisins, cherries), rum, brandy and sherry. The fruits are soaked in rum for up to 12 months prior. As the quintessential Caribbean Christmas dessert, it’s customary to offer a slice to guests who visit your home during the Christmas season. It’s best enjoyed with the must-have Trinbagonian Christmas drinks, sorrel or ponche de crème.

Chow Chow (Hot Chow)

A spicy, mustard-based pickled relish containing small chunks of vegetables and tropical fruits most commonly eaten with pastelles and baked ham at Christmas time. But you can be creative and try it with anything! It’s slightly spicy but if you would like to up the spice level, mix with some pepper sauce!

Pepper Sauce

This mustard based pepper sauce is the perfect condiment for the Christmas season. It pairs excellently with pastelles, hot chow & ham.

Dried Sorrel

Boil and sweeten with sugar to make this popular Caribbean Christmas drink. Combine with alcoholic beverages to make your own cocktails! Be sure to add cinnamon sticks and cloves while boiling. 

Corn Meal

One of the main components of pastelles (a popular Trinbagonian traditional Christmas food). Pastelles are perfectly balanced savory delicacies - cornmeal pies stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs and flavored with raisins, olives and capers wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf.

Mixed Essence

A combination of several tropical fruity extracts and essences. It makes a wonderful flavoring aid to cakes, ice cream, juice, and Indian sweets. A little goes a long way. Only a few drops are required.


Add authentic Caribbean flavors to your Christmas baking, drinks & cooking with our spices bundle.

Split Channa

Salted fried chickpeas spiced with pepper. It was a popular movie theatre snack in Trinbago back in the 1950s and 60s. Today, it’s a staple especially at Christmas time.

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Callaloo Box
Callaloo BoxCallaloo BoxCallaloo Box


We are two sisters from Trinidad & Tobago, Malika and Jamila and we founded Callaloo Box in 2017. Callaloo Box is a Trinidad and Tobago & Caribbean subscription box service & online grocery delivering seasonings, condiments, spices, pepper sauces, drinks, snacks and more directly to your door.


We are transitioning our monthly boxes to a monthly snack box!
Each month you will receive a different assortment of fruit preserves, channas/peanuts/split peas, chocolates, biscuits & cheese snacks! (Approximately 10 items)
Never run out of your favorite Trinidad & Tobago snacks


No commitment necessary - pause or cancel at any time.
Click "Subscribe & Save" & then choose either monthly or every 2 months delivery.

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Trinidad & Tobago Snack Box

Take a trip down memory lane with us! We're bringing back the classics with the Trinidad & Tobago Snack Box!

This month’s box is filled with the sweet & spicy snacks we grew up eating and still love today. Enjoy an assortment of classics from childhood, sure to evoke memories of neighborhood parlors and primary school snackettes.

Snack combinations may vary depending on the availability of snacks at the time. However, you will receive all items of a comparable value as depicted in the picture. 

  • Preserved Fruit
  • Channa, Split Peas or Whole Channa
  • Assortment of chocolates
  • Cheese Snack
  • Traditional Snack

Callaloo Box is a monthly subscription service with no commitment - you can skip a month or cancel at any time. 


  • The final day for new subscribers to sign up for the current month's box is the last day of each month.
  • Subscriptions auto-renew on the 15th of each month and the 15th of every other month for 2 month deliveries.
  • No waiting to receive your first box: We ship One-Time boxes / your 1st box 2-4 business days after  purchase & subsequent boxes 2-4 business days after renewal.

One-time purchases
You will receive the current month's box offerings.  You will be charged only once when you purchase.