Instagram Giveaway: In A World Of Their Own: Carnival Dreamers & Makers, Photographs by Maria Nunes


Win a copy of the book In A World Of Their Own: Carnival Dreamers & Makers, Photographs by Maria Nunes.

Over the past decade, photographer Maria Nunes has been documenting the people who fight to uphold an ethos of Carnival in which creating and performing while paying homage to tradition is central. In a World of Their Own features 300 of Nunes’ stunning and sensitively made colour and black and white photographs of these dreamers and makers, from her unique perspective inside Trinidad Carnival.


Through her lens, we travel through time and space in Carnival, from the preparation beforehand, to the last rays of light at dusk on Carnival Tuesday. 


 We enter yards and living rooms as traditions are passed on and skills are honed, we see ideas develop and costumes come to life.  We visit Belmont, the Savannah, East Port of Spain and South Quay, Paramin, Perseverance Village, Arima, Moruga, Mayaro, Debe and San Fernando.


 We take to stages, gayelles and streets, through the unfolding days of Carnival, revelling in all of the beauty, darkness, light, and colour of transcendental performances. In a World of Their Own also features excerpts of interviews conducted with makers pictured in the book, who give further, invaluable insight. 


Maria Nunes is a photographer and producer with special interest in the documentation of cultural heritage and the work of performing artists through both still images and film-making. She is in her element when immersed in capturing imagery of the traditional carnival arts, the work of steelbands, or in documenting the creative process of artists. Maria has worked closely with the National Archives and the Carnival Institute on heritage-based projects, and is a co-founder of Calabash Foundation for the Arts. 

Maria's work is significantly influenced by her love of music – she collects early calypso, string band and big band recordings of Trinidad and Tobago, as well as traditional folk and kalinda songs. Maria is also a former Junior World golf champion and Sportswoman of the Year. In 1980 she received the Hummingbird Medal, Gold, and in 2012, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Independence, she was named one of the 50 legends of sport in Trinidad and Tobago.

“With this book, I hope to offer an alternative perspective to the repeated – and often unfounded – narrative that Carnival traditions are dying and are mainly the concern of an older generation. To be sure, there is an ongoing struggle to keep some traditions going, but to mindlessly cut and paste that clichéd mantra is to miss the reality that so many Carnival artists today are a younger generation bringing new energy to the Carnival space and actively taking the mantle of responsibility for cultural vibrancy from their elders. Their work is the marriage of new ideas and tradition and their creativity is a real-time response within Carnival as a whole. They need our active support and encouragement.”



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