March 2018 Box Reveal - The Trinidad & Tobago Seafood Box

In this box we bring the taste of the Caribbean Sea to your doorstep. Enjoy these seasonings, marinades and condiments that will add that uniquely Trinbago (Trinidad & Tobago) flavor to any of your fish or seafood dishes.



Garlic Infused Coconut Oil

What is it?: Coconut oil with natural garlic flavour.

Suggested Uses: Use in sauces, dressings, marinades, roasts, grilling, curries, sautes and pasta dishes.

Helpful Tip: Makes a great addition to your fish and seafood marinades and sauces.

Callaloo Box Chief Lime Pepper Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago subscription box online grocery

Lime Pepper

What is it?: A condiment made from chunks of hot peppers, lime and vinegar.

Suggested Uses: As a condiment to add both flavor and spice.

Helpful Tip: Goes well with fish and seafood.

 Callaloo Box Karibbean Flavours Green Seasoning for fish & seafood Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago subscription box online grocery

Green Seasoning for Fish & Seafood

What is it?: Marinade made of a blend of various herbs including Spanish thyme, French thyme, lime juice, chive, celery, cilantro, garlic and pimento (seasoning) peppers.

Suggested Uses:
As a marinade for fish or seafood.

Helpful Tip: 
Marinate 24 hrs prior to cooking for enhanced flavor.


Callaloo Box Chief Tamarind Chutney Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago subscription box online grocery

Tamarind Chutney

What is it?: Made with tamarind, hot peppers, spices and garlic. The tamarind tree is indigenous to Africa and was also cultivated in Asia for centuries. It produces a pod-like fruit, which contains an edible, fleshy, juicy, acidulous pulp that's best described as sweet and sour in taste.

Suggested Uses: Add to food for an enhanced sweet and spicy flavor. It's a popular condiment used on Trinidad’s famous bake and shark sandwich.

Helpful Tip: Goes well with fish dishes.

Callaloo Box Karibbean Flavours Dried Irish Sea Moss Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago subscription box online grocery

Dried Sea Moss

What is it?: Also known as Irish Moss, it is a type of sea weed used to make a popular drink in the Caribbean known as Sea Moss.

Suggested Uses: Makes for a great drink by blending with condensed milk, essence and Angostura Bitters. Serve with ice and enjoy!

Helpful Tip: Prepare by first soaking in cold water then washing thoroughly with lime juice. Add the clean sea moss to fresh water and bring to a boil with cinnamon sticks. Cover and simmer on low heat. Allow to cool and gel.





Callaloo Box Chief seafood seasoning Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago subscription box online grocery

Fish & Seafood Shaker Seasonings

What is it?: A dry blend of onion powder, garlic powder, celery, coriander, ginger, parsley, black pepper and white pepper.

Suggested Uses: Add to fish and seafood while marinating.

Helpful Tip: Add whilst cooking for added flavor.






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