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June 2019 Box Reveal - The One Caribbean Box

Caribbean cuisine is well know for its unique flavors and seasonings. In this box, we're celebrating both the diversity and shared cuisine and heritage of the many islands of the West Indies!  Malika & Jamila XOXO WHAT'S IN THE BOX   BANANA KETCHUP Popular in St. Lucia, this unique ketchup is the combination of bananas, herbs and spices. Great with fries, BBQ or with any other food usually eaten with traditional tomato ketchup. POMEROON CASSAREEP A popular ingredient in Guyanese cuisine passed down from Amerindian (the indigenous peoples of the West Indies) ancestry. This thick black liquid is made from cassava root. It is a main ingredient in Guyanese pepperpot - a rich, thick meat stew traditionally eaten at Christmas...

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