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Happy Thanksgiving 2019

This Thanksgiving, we wish you a day filled with love, delicious food and the company of those closest to you.  We also remember those that aren’t as fortunate, and hope that they too are touched by the Thanksgiving spirit.  From our family to yours, we thank you for being a part of the our journey. We’re grateful for your well wishes, support, encouragement and business.  Malika & Jamila xoxo #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving #thankful #grateful #callalooboxholidays #callalooboxthanksgiving #callalooboxchristmas #trinichristmas #trinbagochristmas #caribbeanchristmas #westindianchristmas #callaloobox #trinifood #trinbagofood #caribbeanfood #callalooboxgrocery #callaloogrocery

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Making the easiest lunch ever! Trinidad curry chicken with potato (aloo) + channa

Hi Everyone!  It's back in the kitchen for me! As you know my mom was visiting in Florida for a while but she's gone now - so I decided to make what I believe is the easiest meal ever! lol Curry chicken with potato (aloo) & channa. I already posted a blog post with my version of a "recipe"  - you can read it here. But here are few pics of this weekend's meal. My favorite roti is buss up shot - so I bought a few from a local roti shop here in South Florida. I usually buy a few and then freeze what I don't use. Culantro (shandon beni) /Garlic/Onions   Aloo (potato) Aloo + channa Curry chicken,...

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Making Doubles With Mummy!

Hi Everyone! It's Jamila here :) It's been a while since I last updated the blog with a recipe. Last month was quite busy prepping for the launch of the June Box! It's Caribbean American Heritage Month here in the U.S & this month's box is LITERALLY packed full of items to create quintessential Caribbean dishes. You can explore what's in the box in our blog post here or shop the box now.  Sign up for a monthly subscription and save. Or if you'd like to try for just 1 month you can purchase a 1-Time Box! Comment below if there is anything that you'd like to see in our upcoming boxes (We plan out our boxes months in advance...

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