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November 2017 box reveal!

Spicy with a little sweet! The star of this months’ box is tamarind which is native to Africa but very popular in Trinbago-Indian cuisine. It is fruity yet tart, and used to enhance flavor in cooking. Tamarind, although high in sugar is also rich in many vitamins and minerals.   Scorpion Pepper (Hot) Sauce  What is it?:  It’s a blend of aged scorpion peppers, scotch bonnet peppers & herbs, pickled in vinegar. In 2012, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper was voted the hottest pepper in the world and is now ranked at number 2.Suggested Uses:  Can be used as a condiment for any dish, much like ketchup…if you can handle the heat!Helpful Tip:  It’s extremely hot so use sparingly for...

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October 2017 box reveal!

From the curry powder to the mango chutney dip, this box contains popular spices and condiments commonly used in cuisine from our East Indian heritiage. Pholourie MixWhat is it?: A fried split pea dough. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Enjoyed throughout the Caribbean, especially in Trinidad and Guyana. Suggested Uses: Typically served as a snack or appetizer.Helpful Tip: Eat while hot and pair with the mango chutney dip for a winning combination! Mango Chutney DipWhat is it?: It is a chutney made with grated mangoes, spices, garlic, and hot pepper. Suggested Uses: Add to food for enhanced spicy flavor or use as a complement to any dish.Helpful Tip: Goes well with curry dishes and pholourie. Ground Roasted...

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