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May 2022 - The Trinidad & Tobago Chinese Box

Quick view ... The Trinidad & Tobago Chinese Box Enjoy these flavorful marinades, seasonings, sauces andsnacks from our Chinese heritage that are uniquely Trinbagonian (Trinidad &Tobago) in taste. These sauces and seasonings will add that truly authentic Chinese Caribbean taste to yourdishes. Malika & Jamila XOXO What's In The Box? - Preserved Fruit Snacks - From the Chinese heritage of Trinidad & Tobago, it is a method of preserving fruit by drying the fruit then adding food coloring, spices, salt & pepper! Some commonly preserved fruit include mangoes, plums, cherries, pommecythere (goldenapple) and prunes. Preserved Fruit Quick view ... Red Salt Mango Quick view ... Chinese Sauce Quick view ... Sauce made from molasses, sugar, spices, salt and vinegar.This sauce will...

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