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September 2020 - The Caribbean Drinks Box

Quick view ... WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Herbal Tea Quick view ... Herbal (“herb” or “bush”) tea in the Caribbean is considered both a calming and comforting drink and has been considered for generations to be a cure all for any ailment from headaches to stomach aches to stress. It is made by brewing any combination of spices like turmeric root, ginger, cinnamon, bay leaf, clove and orange peel. Cocoa Drink Quick view ... Cocoa “tea” is another of those warm, comforting Caribbean drinks. It is not actually a tea but a cocoa drink made from boiling and simmering cocoa and spices. It’s a great breakfast drink and was also traditionally drank in the evenings with biscuits and tea. In...

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April 2020 - The Trinidad & Tobago Snack Box

The Trinidad & Tobago Snack Box Take a trip down memory lane with us! We're bringing back the classics with the Trinidad & Tobago Snack Box! This month’s box is filled with the sweet & spicy snacks we grew up eating and still love today. Enjoy an assortment of classics from childhood, sure to evoke memories of neighborhood parlors and primary school snackettes. Malika & Jamila XOXO What's In The Box? - Preserved Fruit - A method of preserving fruit by drying then adding spices, salt , pepper & food coloring! This method of preserving fruit is from the Chinese heritage of Trinidad & Tobago. Preserved Red Plums Snow Plums Split Channa It’s salted fried chick peas spiced with pepper....

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