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August 2022 - The Caribbean Hot & Spicy Box

Quick view ... The CaribbeanHot & Spicy Box This box celebrates the amazing heat and flavor of Caribbean Pepper! Pepper (hot) sauce is a staple in any Caribbean home, with many different types and variations. Caribbean pepper sauces are known not only for the heat but also for the wonderful flavor. Pepper is definitely a part of the Caribbean culinary landscape! XOXO Malika & Jamila What's In The Box? Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce Quick view ... A blend of Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, pimento peppers and herbs, pickled in vinegar. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper was voted the world's hottest pepper in 2012, and is currently ranked at number 2. It can be used as a condiment for any dish, much...

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Memorial Day Sale 2019

Celebrate the (un)official start of Summer! We have all the essentials to get your Summer BBQs, Hangouts and Backyard Parties started! Enjoy savings on all the condiments, seasonings & snacks you’ll need to bring that true Caribbean taste to all your limes (hangouts) this summer!   EVENT ENDS IN: SEASONINGS The foundation of Caribbean cooking lies in its seasonings. From spices to herbs we know that great meals start with great seasonings!  Shop our collection of seasonings from brands you know & trust - Baron, Bertie's, CHIEF & Karibbean Flavours! SHOP SEASONINGS PEPPER SAUCES   Add authentic Caribbean flavor & heat to your dishes with our collection of Pepper Sauces from Bertie's, Habanero Trinidad & Matouks! SHOP PEPPER SAUCES SNACKS...

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