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International Curry Festival in South Florida

Hi Everyone! This weekend Malika and I attended the 9th Annual International Curry Festival in Lake Worth Florida. The event was organised by the Trinidad & Tobago Citizens Association of Palm Beach and was held at the John Prince Park.  There was also a Curry Duck Competition with a $1,000 prize! Curry Tabanca restaurant which was sponsored by Karibbean Flavours took home the first prize! Congratulations! It was great to see so many friends & families coming together to spread the culture and enjoy great food! Here are some pictures from the day. Curry Tabanca Restaurant Tent, sponsored by Karibbean Flavours   Malika (Callaloo Box), Hemraj (Karibbean Flavours) & Jamila (Callaloo Box)   Callaloo Box x Karibbean Flavours goodies  ...

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Box reviews!

Thanks for stopping by! We wanted to share some of our box and product reviews from our very talented Callaloo Box friends! Please enjoy and make sure to subscribe to their blogs and YouTube channels & follow them on Facebook & Instagram! These women do so much to spread Caribbean cooking and culture. xoxoMalika & Jamila MomfilesAbout    "One of my favorite types of sauces is tamarind sauce. It goes so well with fried fish, seafood fritters or pholourie. It has the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and spicy flavors. The Chief Lime Pepper is perfect if you want some added tangy, fiery-heat to dishes." Mom Files   "Now let me tell you, this cake tasted exactly what my mom...

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Callaloo Box Curry Potato & Channa

One of my favorite & easiest dishes to cook is curry. When I cook it, I usually make enough to last 2 or 3 days so it frees up time for me during the week especially when I'm busy. Everyone has a different method for cooking curry but here is my process :)   I dissolve the curry powder & a little geera (cumin) in warm water. Ingredients prepared & ready to go! Garlic frying in very hot oil until it browns Dissolved curry powder/geera, onions, shandon beni & pimento peppers (if available). I added Bertie's Pimento Sauce :) I like to cook my curry thoroughly (8-10 mins). When it starts to dry down, I add a bit more water and...

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