The Caribbean Tea & Coffee Box

New month! New year! New decade!

And the launch of another customer fave - the Caribbean Tea & Coffee Box.

Malika & I have such amazing memories of going to tea parties with our Granny back in Trinidad. We wanted to re-create these memories in our January box, as the temperatures drop here in the U.S. we hope that it brings a bit of warmth & nostalgia to you :)

Malika & Jamila


In this box, we bring you some classics for the perfect Caribbean evening tea and coffee-time ritual. From the fruit flavored coffee and tea to the rum cake, this box is filled with tropical flavors sure to ignite nostalgia for a by-gone Caribbean tradition.

Banana Rum Cake

A rum-infused fruit flavored pound cake. The rum makes it incredibly moist and gives it a rich flavor. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea or coffee for a delightful treat.

Mango Tea

Pure black tea with a tropical fruit flavor. Enjoy a hot cup with the snacks for a sweet treat. Steep in freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. If you prefer, add milk and sweeten.

Coconut Coffee

A coconut-flavored coffee. Have with the rum cake for a coffee-time delight.

Sweet Treats

An assortment of classic Caribbean sweet snacks. The perfect accompaniment to your coffee and tea.

Milo Drink

Guava Jam

Crix Crackers

Fondly dubbed the "Vital Supply", Crix is a staple in any Trinbagonian home. Round water crackers that are a quintessential Trinbagonian pantry staple. They can be eaten straight out of the bag but paired with guava jam or cheese, these crackers eat more like a meal. Dunk in your tea for an authentic Trinbagonian experience!

Callaloo Box
Callaloo BoxCallaloo Box


We are two sisters from Trinidad & Tobago, Malika and Jamila and we founded Callaloo Box in 2017. Callaloo Box is a Trinidad and Tobago & Caribbean subscription box service & online grocery delivering seasonings, condiments, spices, pepper sauces, drinks, snacks and more directly to your door.


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Theme: The Trinbago Street & Finger Food Box

Street food is a major part of the culture and culinary landscape in Trinidad and Tobago. From breakfast to late night and early morning eats and drinks, there’s so much to choose from - boil(ed) corn, roast(ed) corn, corn soup, bake & shark, black pudding, doubles, pholourie, geera chicken or pork, nuts, souse, accra, saheena, fried (fry) or roast(ed) bakes & buljol (saltfish), punches, homemade ice cream, coconut water and the list goes on!


  • R.B's Snacks Salted Peanuts
  • CHIEF Tamarind Chutney
  • CHIEF Bara Mix
  • Lion Brand Pholourie Mix
  • Lion Brand Baking Powder
  • Karibbean Flavours Green Seasoning with Lime for Fish & Seafood
  • CHIEF Fish Seasoning
  • Karibbean Flavours Dried Seamoss


Callaloo Box is a monthly subscription service with no commitment - you can skip a month or cancel at any time. Journey to the Caribbean through the unique condiments, pepper sauces, seasonings, spices & snacks of the region!

Read our blog post here for the inspiration for this month's theme - An Ode to our hometown in Trinidad - St. James


  • The final day for new subscribers to sign up for the current month's box is the last day of each month.
  • Subscriptions auto-renew on the 15th of each month and every 2nd month for 2 month deliveries.
  • No waiting to receive your first box: We ship One-Time boxes / your 1st box 1-2 days after  purchase & subsequent boxes between the 16-18th of the month. (*Delays due COVID-19 possible*)

One-time purchases
You will receive the current month's box offerings.  You will be charged only once when you purchase.

"More than just spices, Callaloo Box is a journey to the Caribbean packing in 6-8 culinary items in every box, including seasonings and spices, red pepper sauces and other popular condiments, and even a few traditional snack items. A perfect way to enjoy that spicy island vibe throughout the year, add a little bit of that West Indies heat and flavor to all your at-home meal creations."

- Cratejoy Review