Callaloo Box

Theme: Many Islands, One Caribbean 

Ships throughout June

2 recipe cards from HomeMade Zagat included in this month's box!

  • Karibbean Flavours Pomeroon Cassareep
  • Karibbean Flavours Jerk Seasoning
  • Karibbean Flavours Whole Nutmeg
  • CHIEF Duck & Goat Curry Powder
  • Catelli Macaroni
  • Karibbean Flavours Mauby Bark & Spices
  • Karibbean Flavours Fish Seasoning Shaker Pack
  • Karibbean Flavours Green Seasoning with Lime for Fish & Seafood
  • Karibbean Flavours Coconut Milk Powder

June 2018 marks the 13th Anniversary of the Caribbean-American Heritage Month in the United States. In this month's box, we're celebrating the diversity and shared heritage of the cuisine from the many islands of the Caribbean!