Our Story

Jamila, Caron & Malika

Hi!  We are 3 girlfriends originally from Trinidad & Tobago (Trinbago) living in metropolitan areas in the United States & Canada.

Fortunately, because of where we’re located, we have easy access to local products from back home. However, the Trinbago diaspora extends far beyond the major cities of New York, Miami or Toronto.

We have heard from friends & family who find it difficult to find the products from home who do not live in these areas, and although they are available on other marketplaces, they are priced high – these are the people we want to reach.

We also want to appeal to those that have visited our beautiful islands, tasted the food, fell in love, and are longing to continue experiencing the mouth-watering cuisine.

Not to be forgotten are others who simply love food and enjoy trying new recipes from around the world.

And so….Callaloo box was born...

We chose the name Callaloo because it is such a quintessential Trinbago dish. The various ingredients have their own unique flavour yet blend so wonderfully to create an amazing dish.

Food has the ability to break down barriers and to unite people regardless of background.

We hope that our boxes, packed with love, will do exactly that.

Callaloo is food.

Callaloo is togetherness.

Callaloo is a taste of home.

Callaloo is a perfectly blended mixture of everything that is us!

Caron, Jamila & Malika