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15% OFF - CHIEF Tamarind Chutney + CHIEF Tamarind Hot Sauce


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CHIEF Tamarind Chutney
12.7 oz

Made with tamarind, hot pepper, spices and garlic.

Suggested Uses:  Add to food for an enhanced sweet & spicy flavour. Popular condiment used on Trinidad’s famous bake and shark sandwich.

Helpful Tip:  Also pairs well with fish dishes.

CHIEF Tamarind Hot Sauce
5 oz

A blend of tamarind, hot peppers, herbs, vegetables and / or fruit, pickled in vinegar.

Suggested Uses: It is typically used as a condiment for any dish, much like ketchup. 

Helpful Tip: It can also be used to spice up your cooking.

Pair with CHIEF Pholourie Mix or CHIEF Doubles Bara Mix

A product of Trinidad & Tobago.