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BUY ONE GET ONE FREE - Paula's Amchar Mango - 250g


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What is it? Mango pieces smothered in aromatic amchar masala, with spices, sugar, salt and mustard oil added to make a gooey dish. It is grounded in our East Indian heritage. It’s popularly paired with Indian vegetarian dishes, but it’s just as popular as a snack. Traditionally, the mango used to make this beloved Trinbago snack was dried in the sun. Amchar masala is also used in the well-known Trinbago chutney, Kuchela.

Buy one pack of Paula's Amchar Mango and Get One Free!

Ingredients: Amchar Massala, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Mustard Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sodim Benzoate, Citric Acid.

Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago.