Callaloo Box - 2 month subscription - September & October 2018

Callaloo Box

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September 2018 Theme - The Coconut Box
October 2018 Theme - The Diwali Box

Delivery schedule: Sept 2018 & Oct 2018

September 2018 Box
Nothing reminds us of home like the scent of coconut - delicious curry marinating in coconut milk or the aroma of a coconut bake in the oven. This box pays homage to this versatile staple ingredient in Caribbean cooking used in dishes from sweet to savory.

  • Coconuts of the Caribbean Coconut Flour
  • Constance Estate Lemon Infused Coconut Oil
  • Herrera's Coconut Essence
  • Samira Natural Demerara Sugar
  • Karibbean Flavours Coconut Milk Powder
  • Karibbean Flavours Curry Paste
  • Trinite Coconut Flavored Coffee
  • Caribbean Treats Toolum

October 2018 Box
Diwali will be celebrated this year in Trinidad & Tobago on 7th November.  Throughout the month of October, we are bringing the flavorful & unique cuisine of Indo-Trinidad & Tobago to your doorstep with the Diwali Box.


Thoughtfully curated collection of seasonings, condiments & pepper (hot) sauces & snacks from Trinidad & Tobago.
Whether you are from the Caribbean, or just love the taste of the islands we look forward to meeting your taste needs.


First box ships September 2018
Next delivery October 2018
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