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Callaloo Box - Mega Trinbago Snack Box

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Introducing the best of Trinidad & Tobago Snacks!

20 individual items for you to sample & over 4 pounds of snacks!

Mega Snack Box combinations may vary depending on the availability of snacks at the time. However, you will receive all items of a comparable value as depicted in the picture.

Devon Bourbon Creams Biscuits
Devon Coconut Creams Biscuits
Devon Chocolate Creams Biscuits
Devon Digestive Biscuits OR Devon Chocolate Digestive Biscuits
Charles Chocolates Ping Pong
Charles Chocolate Cheers/Charles Chocolates Choo Choos (Any combo of three)
Charles Chocolates Catch
Charles Chocolates Nuggle
Charles Chocolates Coo Coo Crisp
Charles Chocolates Tiki Chocolate Gold
Charles Chocolates Coconut Craze
Charles Chocolates Rum & Raisin Chocolate Bar
Charles Chocolates Bobbie
Sunshine Snacks Zoomers/Sunshine Snacks Chee Zees/Holiday Snacks Big Foot (Original)/Holiday Snacks Big Foot (Spicy) (Any combo of 4)
Ovaltine Cookies
Wabisco Shirley Biscuits


    Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago.