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Callaloo Box - Mega Trinbago Snack Box
Callaloo Box - Mega Trinbago Snack Box

Callaloo Box - Mega Trinbago Snack Box

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Introducing the best of Trinidad & Tobago Snacks!

20 individual items for you to sample & over 4 pounds of snacks!

Mega Snack Box combinations may vary depending on the availability of snacks at the time. However, you will receive all items of a comparable value as depicted in the picture.

Devon Bourbon Creams Biscuits
Devon Coconut Creams Biscuits
Devon Chocolate Creams Biscuits
Devon Digestive Biscuits OR Devon Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

Any 3 of the below bite sized chocolates
Charles Chocolates Ping Pong
Charles Chocolate Cheers
Charles Chocolates Choo Choos

Any 6 of the below chocolate bars

Charles Chocolates Catch
Charles Chocolates Tiki Chocolate Gold
Charles Chocolates Tiki Coconut Craze
Charles Chocolates Rum & Raisin Chocolate Bar
Charles Chocolates Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar
Charles Chocolates Milk Chocolate

Charles Chocolates Bobbie
Sunshine Snacks Zoomers/Sunshine Snacks Chee Zees/Holiday Snacks Big Foot (Original)/Holiday Snacks Big Foot (Spicy) (Any combo of 4)
Ovaltine Cookies
Wabisco Shirley Biscuits (Original or Coconut)

You can shop our smaller Snack Box here.

Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago.