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Callaloo Box

Callaloo Box - Regular Cheese Snacks Box

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A smaller version of our Mega Cheese Snacks Box.

Regular Cheese Snacks Box combinations may vary depending on the availability of snacks at the time. However, you will receive all items of a comparable value as depicted in the picture.

See below for current offering.

Two packs of each of the below:
Sunshine Snacks Zoomers - 32g
Sunshine Snacks Chee Zees -45g
Sunshine Snacks Cornados BBQ- 48g
Sunshine Snacks Cornados Nacho Cheese- 48g

One pack of each of the below:
Sunshine Snacks Cheese Puffs - 56g
Sunshine Snacks Spicy Cheese Puffs - 48g

Proudly made in Trinidad & Tobago.