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Theme: The Hot & Spicy - Pepper Box

This box celebrates the amazing heat and flavor of Caribbean Pepper! Pepper (hot) sauce is a staple in any Trinbagonian home, with many different types and variations. It is used as a condiment for any dish from breakfast to dinner to finger foods. Caribbean pepper sauces are known not only for the heat but also for the wonderful flavor. Spicy snacks like chows (mango, plums and pommecythere), channa (chick peas), preserved fruit (mangoes, plums, cherries and prunes) and tamarind balls are also commonplace.


  • Habanero Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce
  • Habanero Trinidad Lime Pepper Sauce
  • R.B's Split Channa
  • Snack Family Pepper Black Prunes
  • Lat Chiu Preserved Red Spicy Mango
  • Jenesis Delights Tamarind Balls

Callaloo Box is a monthly subscription service with no commitment - you can skip a month or cancel at any time. Journey to the Caribbean through the unique condiments, pepper sauces, seasonings, spices & snacks of the region!


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