The Caribbean Drinks Bundle by Callaloo Box

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Summer is officially here & it's heating up!

Indulge in the classic drinks from the Caribbean with our drinks bundle.  Whether you grew up enjoying these staples or enjoyed them during your visit to the Caribbean, these drinks are sure to keep you cool whole season long!

Bundle includes

  1. Karibbean Flavours Mauby Concentrate
  2. CHIEF Mixed Essence
  3. Karibbean Flavours Dried Seamoss
  4. Karibbean Flavours Dried Sorrel

Karibbean Flavours Mauby Concentrate - 26oz

What is it? Concentrate made from the buckthorn bark, which is a species of tree found in many Caribbean islands. It’s been likened to root beer by many.

Helpful Tip: It has some bitterness so be sure to add cinnamon sticks and a few teaspoons of Angostura Bitters and Mixed Essence for enhanced flavouring.

CHIEF Mixed Essence - 240ml (8.1 fl oz)

What is it? A combination of several tropical fruity extracts and essences.

Suggested Uses: It makes a wonderful flavouring aid in cakes, ice cream, juice, and Indian sweets. It’s a key ingredient when making the mauby drink.

Helpful Tip: A little goes a long way. Only a few drops are required.

Karibbean Flavours Dried Seamoss - 85g

 What is it?: Also known as Irish Moss, it is a type of sea weed used to make a popular drink in the Caribbean known as Sea Moss.

Suggested Uses: Makes for a great drink by blending with condensed milk, essence and Angostura Bitters. Serve with ice and enjoy!

Helpful Tip: Prepare by first soaking in cold water then washing thoroughly with lime juice. Add the clean sea moss to fresh water and bring to a boil with cinnamon sticks. Cover and simmer on low heat. Allow to cool and gel.

Karibbean Flavours Dried Sorrel - 85g

What is it?  Dried hibiscus.

Suggested Uses: Boil and sweeten with sugar to make this traditional Trinbago Christmas drink. Year round it's a perfect refreshing drink.  Combine with alcoholic beverages to make your own cocktails!

Helpful Tip: Be sure to add cinnamon sticks, cloves, bay leaves and ginger while boiling.