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The Trinidad & Tobago Essentials Box

Callaloo Box

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This box features pantry staples found in any true Trinidad &Tobago kitchen. Try these unique flavors that are quintessential to every day Trinbagonian cuisine.

  • Bertie's Pepper Sauce
  • Bertie's Pimento Sauce
  • Karibbean Flavours Green Seasoning
  • Karibbean Flavours Coconut Milk Powder
  • CHIEF Kuchela (either mango or Pommecythere)
  • CHIEF Cook Up Seasoning
  • CHIEF Curry Powder
  • CHIEF Geera Powder


Thoughtfully curated collection of seasonings, condiments & pepper (hot) sauces & snacks from Trinidad & Tobago.  Whether you are from the Caribbean, or just love the taste of the islands we look forward to meeting your taste needs.

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