The Trinidad & Tobago Essentials Mini Snack Box by Callaloo Box


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A mini box full of quintessential snacks from the beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago. 

At the center of each box are Preserves, which are fruit preserved with salt. Commonly made with plums, mangoes, cherries and pommecythere, this snack is usually made sweet or spicy. With favorites like tamarind balls, khurma & toolum our Snack Box is perfect to sample the best of Trinidad & Tobago snacks!

  • Paula's Amchar Mango - 250g
  • Either Paula's Pepper Mango OR Paula's Spicy Mango- 250g (depends on availability of flavors)
  • Paula's Tamarind Candy Balls - 80g
  • Caribbean Treats Toolum - 55g
  • Caribbean Treats Khurma - 50g