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The Trinidad & Tobago Special Edition Snack Box by Callaloo Box

Callaloo Box

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Introducing our larger box full of quintessential snacks from the beautiful islands of Trinidad & Tobago. 

At the center of this box are fruit preserves, which are fruit preserved with salt. Commonly made with plums, mangoes, cherries and pommecythere, this snack is usually made sweet, spicy or salty. With other childhood favorites like khurma, tamarind balls, chip chip & spicy nuts this Snack Box is perfect to sample the best of Trinidad & Tobago snacks!

  • Snack Family Snow Plums
  • Snack Family Salt (Red) Prunes
  • Lat Chiu Preserved Red Plums (Spicy)
  • Jenesis Delights Spice Cajun Nuts
  • Jenesis Delights Khurma
  • Jenesis Delights Tamarind Balls
  • Jenesis Delights Chip Chip

Over 3.5 lbs of delicious snacks!

Our snack boxes are remixed periodically due to the availability of preserved fruits from Trinidad. Stay tuned for our next REMIX coming soon!